Kids' Kastle Agreement
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School Information


Kids' Kastle Sale Information

Kids' Kastle Sale Dates:
(We suggest running sale 3 to 5 days during school hours)

mm/dd/yyyy select
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Chairperson Material Kit will arrive at the school in late Oct./early Nov.
Merchandise will arrive at the school approx. 5 business days before the sale.

IMPORTANT: Please check the appropriate boxes below to determine which support materials will be sent to you.

Note: *If no box is checked, the most popular 'Count Inventory - 10% Mark Up' will be selected.

Contact Information (Chairperson or President Information Required)

Please make sure to provide an email address so that our online system can email shipping information.

Contract Terms and Conditions

Obligations of Kids' Kastle

  1. Provide support materials: Take Home Flyers, Budget Envelopes, Posters, Chairperson Manual, Tablecloths, Gift Bags and Pre-Priced Tent Cards.
  2. Provide a selection of merchandise for children to purchase.
  3. Freight is paid on initial order, reorders made during sale and return freight when using UPS A.R.S. labels provided.
  4. KK will take back all unsold, damaged and unmarked merchandise until January 15th.

Obligations of School/Organization

  1. Agrees not to sell merchandise provided by another vendor.
  2. Will not deface items by marking prices or putting stickers on merchandise. Defaced merchandise has no further value and will be billed back to group.
  3. Will return all unused support materials, paper products and gift bags.
  4. Will box all unsold merchandise, place UPS A.R.S. labels on box and have ready to be picked up.
  5. All merchandise is property of Kids' Kastle. Payment must be made directly to and only to Kids' Kastle. Mail payment, no later than one week after end of sale, to Kids' Kastle, 3 Cass Street, Key Port, NJ 07735.
  6. To run your shop or pay a cancellation fee of one hundred dollars if the "Chairperson Materials" have been shipped. If merchandise has been shipped a minimum invoice of five hundred dollars is required.
  7. Agrees to pay 10% restocking fee on all merchandise returns made after January 15th, after the year of delivery.
  8. Agrees to pay for any merchandise not returned by February 15th, after the year of delivery, together with 1.5% monthly finance charge on all money due and all costs of collection and attorney fees.

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Kids' Kastle reserves the right to accept or reject any contracts submitted to us.