Kids Holiday Shop Fundraisers

What Our Kids Holiday Shop Fundraisers Include
From seasonal fundraisers to year-round school holiday shop merchandise, we have a large selection of the most in-demand products around.

Seasonal School Holiday Shop Fundraisers

Our seasonal school holiday shop ideas are focused on the changing of the seasons and the merchandise for each catalog represents the trends and favorites of each time of the year.

Seasonal merchandise may include kitchen gadgets, gourmet dip mixes, magazines, chocolates, wrapping paper, and more, all reflective of the current season.

We include American made products and only items that are useful, green, or healthy! With our school holiday stores, we don’t offer products that you won’t utilize or find enjoyment in.

With us, it is not clutter, it is value! Plus, we offer close to 200 items with dozens of those being listed at $10 and under.

Holiday Gift Shop Fundraiser

Our Gourmet Goodness school holiday gift shop fundraiser has a seasonal rotation, and it is all focused on sweet and savory treats! Check back each new season to see what the special offerings will be.

Seasonal Gourmet Goodness may include cheeses, sausages, candies, nuts, chocolates, and dry mixes for cheesecakes, cookies, and more! Most items sold in our school holiday gift fair shops’ Gourmet Goodness is shelf-stable, so you don’t have to freeze anything. Simplify delivery and pick-up with lasting, delicious items that everyone wants to get their hands on.

Year-Round School Holiday Gift Fundraisers

For the year-round kids holiday shop fundraising, we have an endless collection of products and themes to choose from!

Kids’ Kastle offers a year-round Gourmet Goodness, which includes frozen treats that were selected with the busy family in mind. Choose from this kids holiday shop for frozen pizzas, cookies mixes, and more! There are gluten-free options while some contain real butter and cheeses, so everyone has the selection they’ve been craving.

If you’re looking to get away from traditional school holiday gift shops, we offer Color-a-Thon! Color-a-Thon propels your thon fundraising event to the next level with a splash of color and fundraising assistance!

Kids’ Kastle also offers elementary school holiday shops focused on SNIFTY scented products, a huge ask people keep coming back for; salty and sweet pretzel rod varieties; and 100% peanut-free candy bars.

School Holiday Shop Merchandise

No matter what school holiday shop merchandise you are looking for, Kids’ Kastle aims to have the most in-demand items that are also American made, useful, and affordable. Spruce up your next school holiday store with items from Kids’ Kastle -- the items people are sure to want.

School Christmas Store Holiday Shoppes

Kids’ Kastle has been the go-to for holiday shoppes for the past 35+ years! Our team, compromised of previous PTA volunteers and the similar, spends a year to a year and school christmas shop ideas, half designing, purchasing, and pricing each item specifically for kids.

The idea behind Kids’ Kastle is to provide a kids' holiday shop that consists of better buying power and assistance from start to finish. The majority of our products are $5 or less, and you only pay for what you sell!

School Santa Shop Gifts

Our items target mothers, grandmothers, aunts, dads, grandfathers, uncles, pets, coaches, siblings, and friends! We have what kids want to buy, and school santa shop gifts provides them the ability to learn to shop in a controlled environment with products everyone can find the value in.
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You Can’t Go Wrong Using Them

I used them for the holiday shop for 3 straight years and loved them. The no count system was great, the kids loved their products and they are always there to help or answer questions. The staff is friendly and you can’t go wrong using them!! - Jennifer Powl

I Highly Recommend This Company

This company has been great to work with! They responsed promptly to emails and have a great selection of products for a kid friendly shopping experience. I highly recommend this company as they were a pleasure to do business with! - Jennifer Pimentel

They Made Everything So Easy On Me

They made everything so easy on me, the fundraising organizer. The forms were easy to input in the order and the items arrive packaged by seller with labels on the boxes to make distribution a breeze. Whenever I had questions, I received fast and helpful answers. They are a great choice for catalog fundraising. - Marianne Lloyd