School Holiday Shoppes from Kids’ Kastle- School Santa Shop Gifts

(How School Santa Shop Gifts Help to Kids Happiness)

Kids’ Kastle Holiday Shoppes are the most wanted holiday shoppes in fundraising.

For the past 35 years, we have been a leader for holiday shoppe fundraisers across the east coast. For a year to a year and a half, we carefully designed, purchased, and priced the Kids’ Kastle items specifically for kids.

Our goal with every in-school holiday gift shoppe is to provide better buying school Santa shop gifts with our pricing – the majority of our items are $5 or less, but the quality is still exceptional for school Santa shop gifts.

Whether kids are doing an in-school holiday gift shoppe and buying for their mom, grandmother, aunt, dad, grandfather, uncle, brother, sister, friend, or pets, there is an option they will want to buy!

A successful school holiday shoppe will allow children the joy of going holiday shopping in a safe environment. Our products are outstanding, and the kid’s experiences are even more so.

Best yet, we will guide and support you from start to finish to select School Santa shop gifts! Our employees were part of PTA, PTO, and HSA fundraising at all of their schools, so we know how to best help you and guide you to success.

Here’s what you can expect when you get a school holiday shoppe from Kids’ Kastle:

  • A complete Promotional Kit containing everything you’ll need to recruit volunteers, promote sale dates and produce flyers and take-home letters.
  • Take home 6” x 9” pre-printed Budget envelopes, Parent Letters, Posters, 4 sizes of Gift Bags, Tablecloths, Children’s Shopping Bags to take purchases to check out.
  • At your choice, your order will be delivered on a date specified by you. You’ll receive an inventory of over 130 gift items priced from 50 cents to just $10.00.
  • We guarantee delivery of your reorders by 10:30 AM the next morning when we receive your reorder by 1:00 PM the previous day.
  • Smartphone Cash Register App
  • Gift Certificates for Parents to purchase with a credit card for their children to make purchases in school
  • Chairperson Website – place reorders, tracking, instant invoicing, download support material
  • An easy-to-follow manual with step by step instructions
  • Your 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed by our Call-Anytime Customer Service Staff. Any questions you may have will get immediate and satisfactory attention!
  • Pay only for what you have sold. We’ll pick up your unsold inventory after the sale has concluded.
  • We offer a “NO COUNT INVENTORY SYSTEM” or a regular inventoried program – The choice is yours!
  • 85% of all items in our shoppe are $5.00 or less. Quality and value are not compromised.

How Our Kids Santa Shop Fundraiser Works School Sant Shop Gift

  1. Decide on the dates you want to run your in-school holiday gift shoppe. The standard is one to five days during the week.
  2. Select an inventoried system or no count for the holiday shoppe fundraiser. The choice is yours!
  3. One month out from your sale, we will send a how-to manual, take-home money envelopes for the kids, and posters you can use to promote the school holiday shoppe.
  4. On the delivery date you choose, you will receive a selection of 150 pre-coded gift items for the holiday shoppe fundraiser. These gifts will be for assorted family members, teachers and coaches, pets, friends, and siblings.
  5. Delivered with the gifts will be table cloths for the school holiday shoppe, shopping bags for the students to use, and to/from gift bags to take their purchases home in.
  6. Any items you run out of during your holiday shoppe you can re-order; we guarantee delivery of your reorders by 10:30 AM the next morning when we receive your reorder by 1:00 PM the previous day, and reorder shipping is always FREE.
  7. You pay only for what you have sold after it’s sold during the holiday shoppe. We will pick up your unsold inventory after the sale has concluded, so no investment is required.

The Kids’ Kastle school holiday shop is risk-free and hassle-free — give us a go today!


What Sets Our Holiday Shoppe Fundraiser Apart

What sets Kids’ Kastle apart from other kid’s holiday shoppes is that we focus on quality products for a great value. As a parent, you will never say “not this junk again” because we carefully select each product we provide.

There is more to sell with our products that are lower and more reasonably priced than other holiday bazaars. It is the Kids’ Kastle advantage to have an in-school holiday gift shoppe that teaches the kids the responsibility and joy of holiday shopping while providing parents with useful and quality school Santa shop gifts.

Our Clients Have Said It Best About Our School Holiday Shoppe

“Thank you so much we loved the sale and look forward to using this company in the future.!!”

“Very easy company to work with and fun and easy fundraiser to run. They provide a variety of items for children with all budgets. The no count inventory is a great way to not have to worry about tracking items sold. Our school will def. work with them again.”

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