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Why School Fundraising Christmas Gifts important for kids

Kids’ Kastle has been an in-demand school fundraising company and holiday shoppe for over 35 years. We offer affordable, wanted products for both children and families, no matter if you are looking for food or merchandise.

Christmas Shop Fundraiser For Snifty Pencils and Christmas gifts

We have both seasonal holiday shop fundraisers, Christmas shop fundraisers, and year-round school fundraising services. Best of all, we offer the in-demand snifty pencils and school fundraising Christmas gifts! Browse our catalogs and selections to see what year-round or seasonal holiday christmas shop fundraiser is right for you and your school!

Why is the christmas shop fundraiser important?

Each season we offer a new set of catalogs for your school to choose from! These are specific to the seasonal holidays and celebrations and are a great school fundraising treat for families and kids of all ages.

Holiday Christmas Shop Fundraiser

Whether you are browsing a Spring catalog full of flowers and deliciously inspired soup mixes, or Fall is in season, and you are ready for leaves and pumpkins, we have the perfect seasonal school fundraising ideas for you.

Entice children and families with products they get used out of and wait for every year. From useful school holiday shop merchandise to sweet and savory treats, we offer it all so you can fundraise successfully with products everyone wants.

Spring 2021

happy spring

Quality and Value you will be proud to offer your families! A huge selection of unique kitchen gadgets, wrapping paper, gift items, gourmet dip mixes, magazines, and chocolates. Product offerings that emphasize: American Made, Useful, Green & Healthy! 180 items with Over 80 items at $10 and under.

Gourmet Goodness 2021

gourmet goodness

A mix of sweet and savory treats means every shopper will find something to love! Cheese, sausage, chocolates, candies, nuts, snacks, and dry mixes: soups, appetizers, cheesecakes, brownies, and cookies. Best of all, everything is shelf-stable, nothing to freeze…making delivery and pick-up a breeze!

Fall 2021

Quality and Value you will be proud to offer your families! A huge selection of unique kitchen gadgets, wrapping paper, gift items, gourmet dip mixes, magazines, and chocolates. Product offerings that emphasize: American Made, Useful, Green & Healthy! 180 items with Over 80 items at $10 and under.

Fall 2021

Perfect Presents offers a wonderful selection of wrapping paper, chocolates, candies, food mixes, cool kitchen gadgets, and much more! A wide variety of quality gifts with the value that you will be proud to offer to your friends and family!

Year-Round Grade School and High School Fundraising Ideas

Why holidays Christmas shop fundraiser?

You don’t need a holiday or a season to start a fundraiser, and Kids’ Kastle understands that. That’s why we offer snifty pencils year-round and school fundraising Christmas gifts at the end of the year for fundraising whenever your school needs it!

Check out our school fundraising ideas that include Royal Gourment — delicious food for every season; Color-a-Thon — elevating your “thon” event to the next level, a great high school fundraising idea; Snifty Pencils and other Snifty scented products; sweet and salty pretzel rods in a variety of prices and flavors; and peanut-free candy bar sales.

From food to merchandise, the products you need for a successful school fundraiser are found at Kids’ Kastle, where we’re the experts who know schools and know kids.

Royal Gourmet

royal gourmet

This brochure is filled with wonderful frozen food items carefully selected with busy families in mind. Pizza, cookie dough, desserts, and snack items are made with REAL butter and cheeses. Something for everyone.

Kastle Favorites

kastle favorites

An exclusive collection of our favorite products such as candy, nuts, popcorn, and more, based on customer reviews and our own!


School-A-Thon takes your events from bland to grand! Created to give schools a fun, interactive alternative to a traditional product sale fundraiser.

SNIFTY Pencils

SNIFTY Pencils and SNIFTY Scented Products

Why are Snifty pencils important?

The secret to snifty pencils is that the scent is embedded in the Topper to create a Yummy Aroma! Each Scented Topper comes with decorative snifty pencils and an eraser. Toppers can also be used to protect the snifty pencils Point. Pencils are made from wood, not paper, and will not clog sharpeners. Packed in tubes to preserve the scent.

Snifty pencils are the go-to product for kids when you are searching for school fundraising ideas. Kids’ Kastle provides Snifty Pencils in a variety of themes at various prices. No matter what the kids are looking for, a snifty pencil is always going to be the right choice for your year-round school fundraising


  SNIFTY Pencils   SNIFTY Pencils   SNIFTY Pencils

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Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods

For your next school fundraising idea, check out the pretzel rods snack packs! We offer the Super Variety Pack for all school fundraising events, and these are always a crowd-pleaser. With flavors like peanut butter candy crunch, rainbow sprinkles, crunchy toffee, and candy-coated chocolate chunk, these will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. 

Sweet and salty pretzel rods for a year-round school fundraiser can come in a standard 60 rod variety pack at $1 a rod, a special $2 a rod variety pack, or a healthy kids pack option that only includes the sprinkled flavor! Check out our brochures and request an order form today.  

Pretzel Rods Order Form$2 Variety Pack Order FormHealthy Kids Pack Order Form

100% Peanut-Free Candy Bars

For peanut-free school fundraising ideas, Look no further than our 100% peanut-free candy bars! For those with peanut allergies, this is the best fundraiser option for you!

The 100% peanut-free candy bar sales options come in three different varities: large chocolate boutique bars that come in crisp, milk, dark, caramel, and almond; American Variety packs with almonds, caramel, crispy, mint, and truffle; and Chocolatiers with crispy, caramel, and almonds.

No matter what candy bar cravings you have, there is a variety pack and brand to satisfy your customers for a successful grade school or high school fundraiser.

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