Spring 2020


Quality and Value you will be proud to offer your families! A huge selection of unique kitchen gadgets, wrapping paper, gift items, gourmet dip mixes, magazines and chocolates. Product offerings that emphasize: American Made, Useful, Green & Healthy! 180 items with Over 80 items at $10 and under.

Gourmet Goodness

A mix of sweet and savory treats means every shopper will find something to love! Cheese, sausage, chocolates, candies, nuts, snacks and dry mixes: soups, appetizers, cheesecakes, brownies and cookies. Best of all everything is shelf stable, nothing to freeze…making delivery and pick-up a breeze!

Year Round

Royal Gourmet

This brochure is filled with wonderful frozen food items carefully selected with busy families in mind. Pizza, cookie dough, desserts and snack items are made with REAL butter and cheeses. Something for everyone.


School-A-Thon takes your events from bland to grand! Created to give schools a fun, interactive alternative to a traditional product sale fundraiser.

SNIFTY Scented Products

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The scent is embedded in the Topper to create a Yummy Aroma! Each Scented Topper comes with a decorative pencil and eraser. Topper can also be used to protect the Pencil Point. Pencils are made from wood not paper and will not clog sharpeners. Packed in tubes to preserve the scent.

Sweet & Salty Pretzel Rods

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100% Peanut-Free Candy Bars

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