Kids’ Kastle Advantage

Schools using Kids’ Kastle can count on our 35 plus years of experience. We start 12-18 months prior to the Holiday Season carefully designing, purchasing and pricing Kids’ Kastle items specifically for children and their families.

In our opinion, our quality and pricing are superior to our competition and the starting inventory consists of more items and a larger selection, you will have more to sell the first day. As an example, our 1st quality mugs sell for only $4.00. We encourage you to compare our competition for pricing and overall selection of items.

We supply everything to run the most successful Holiday Shoppe. We’ll guide and support you from Start-to-Finish!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To create a Kids’ Holiday Shoppe that will give your children the best value, low retail prices and the ability to bring home more gifts with the money they have to shop with for family members.

But most of all, we think we have succeeded in making the experience easy for you with quality products and complimentary feedback from your parents. You will never hear the words, “Not this junk again.”

Here’s what you can expect:


  • Take home large 6″ x 9″ pre-printed Budget envelopes, Parent Letters, Posters, 3 sizes of Gift Bags, Table Cloths, Tent Cards to identify each item, Children’s Shopping Bags to carry purchases to check out and more.
  • Your order will be delivered on a date specified by you. You’ll receive an inventory of over 110 gift items priced from 50 cents to just $10.00.
  • We guarantee delivery of your reorders by 10:30 AM the next morning when we receive your reorder by 1:00 PM the previous day.
  • We are now offering an “App” that will allow you to use a cell phone or tablet as a “Cash Register”.  This new technology will make your experience much easier and faster.  We can also provide a programmable cash register to use.
  • An easy-to-follow manual with step by step instructions to achieve a successful sale.
  • You will have online access to many useful tools including reordering, invoicing and access to all support materials. 
  • Parents will be able to go online and purchase “Gift Certificates” with a credit card to allow their children to shop without cash. 
  • Your 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed by our Customer Service Staff. Any questions you may have will get immediate and satisfactory attention!
  • Pay only for what you have sold after your sale is completed. Ship back your unsold inventory after the sale has concluded. No investment required.100% RISK FREE – HASSLE FREE.
  • We offer a “NO COUNT INVENTORY SYSTEM” or a regular inventoried program. The choice is yours. If you choose the NO COUNT system, there is no beginning or ending inventory to take and when your sale is finished, just pack up your unsold merchandise, call us and we will arrange to pick up your excess inventory.
  • All items are pre-coded for easy check out.
  • 85% of all items in our shoppe are $5.00 or less. Quality and value are not compromised.
  • We can happily provide you with REFERENCES from our satisfied customers.
  • All items are sold on consignment with no risk to you. You only pay for what you sell.