How it Works

KIDS’ KASTLE Holiday Shoppes are the MOST WANTED holiday bazaars in fundraising. There is simply no better holiday shop anywhere… because we carefully design, stock and price KIDS’ KASTLE Shoppes specifically for the children! Since holiday gifts are intended for children to experience the joy of shopping for their loved ones in a safe controlled environment – we continually go far beyond expectations to make sure KIDS’ KASTLE Holiday Shoppe is nothing short of OUTSTANDING!

  • Decide on dates to run your Shop. Holiday Shoppes are usually held for 1 to 5 days during the week. NO Count Inventory to make it easy, but if you want to run a count program no problem – It’s Your Choice.
  • About a month prior to your sale we will send a How To Manual, Take Home Money envelopes for your children, and posters to promote your shop.
  • On the delivery date you choose, you will receive a selection of about 150 pre-coded gift items.
  • You will receive a large variety of items including personalized gifts for Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, Brother, Sister, & Teachers. Also included is a wide assortment of jewelry, children’s items, pet gifts, holiday and sports items, and much more. We will also include table cloths, shopping bags for your students to use as they shop and To/From gift bags to carry home their purchases.
  • If you run out of any items you can place a reorder. We guarantee delivery of your reorders by 10:30 AM the next morning when we receive your reorder by 1:00 PM the previous day. Reorder shipping is always FREE.
  • Pay only for what you have sold after it’s sold. We’ll pick up your unsold inventory after the sale has concluded. No investment required. 100% RISK FREE – HASSLE FREE.