Why Host an In-School Holiday Gift Fair

Hosting an in-school holiday gift fair can be just the exercise children need to get into the holiday spirit. After all, that is where they spend a significant amount of time and also get their learnings from.

So, let’s find out all about hosting a holiday gift fair at school, working on good school Christmas shop ideas, and all else you need to know.

School Holiday Shops: The Basics of Getting Started

A school holiday shop is a great way to involve parents, teachers, students, and the wider community to come together and celebrate the spirit of Christmas. It also helps children get familiar with important life and social skills early on, making it a fun learning experience.

10 Best Virtual and Creative Christmas Fundraising Ideas for 2020

To help get motivated and create some holiday cheer, we’ve put together 10 virtual and creative winter holiday shop fundraisers any school can take advantage of. We focused on low-cost, easy set-up, and maximum interest levels.

How to Promote Your Virtual School Fundraiser and Holiday Shoppe 2020

In order to ensure your holiday virtual fundraising is a success, we’ve put together 7 great tips for how to promote your virtual holiday shop, so kids get all the cheer and the schools can raise their much-needed funds with low stress and great success.

Unique School Fundraisers & Fundraising Ideas for New Jersey Schools

Unique School Fundraisers & Fundraising Ideas for New Jersey Schools It may be early for the holidays, but school fundraising can happen any time of the year and shouldn’t be put off until just winter. When trying to raise money for various programs and a bright new

10 Tips to Make Promoting Your Easy School Fundraisers Simple & Successful

Top 10 Tips to Make Promoting Your Easy School Fundraisers Simple & Successful Good fundraising ideas for schools aren’t hard to come by, it’s the challenge of promotion that can take some time and planning: getting a community involved and gaining their support for a successful fundraiser

5 Ways to Simplify Fundraising – School Fundraising Tips

It is that time of year again. Your child has come home with a school fundraiser and is full of hope to earn all the great prizes he or she could get by being a top earner. Now it's time for your help with your child’s holiday

Holiday Fundraising: the Complete Guide

Fundraising can be a daunting task. The planning, executing, and collecting of funds can seem like an overwhelming process. The good news is that when done properly, a good fundraiser can bring in money, donations, and create projects that you never thought possible. The best news is