Holiday Shoppe Fundraiser

Three Fun and Safe Ways to Run Your School Holiday Shoppe This School Year

We at the Kastle understand that the 2020-21 school year is not a normal school year, and there are new challenges that will need to be faced. We have worked during this time to ensure our school holiday shoppe fundraiser has adapted to meet remote-learning and virtual schooling changes, So holiday fundraising can go on as planned.

The ultimate goal is for students, teachers, families, and other school members to look forward to the holiday season with cheer and excitement and instill a sense of normalcy for all of the students and families this winter.

School holiday shop merchandise

November Holiday Shops: Many schools run a successful holiday shop in November. This is a great option to grab a deal from School holiday shop merchandise if your school plans to close between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Don’t miss out on ordering your favorite gifts, trinkets, charms, memorabilia, and more this holiday season. When you work with Kids Kastle, your school Christmas shop will run as smoothly and timely as ever. In an effort to accommodate everyone’s organizational needs, we have put together some new holiday shoppe options for schools to utilize. Choose from:

traditional in school holiday gift shoppe

Traditional Shop: School Delivery

  • School holiday shop merchandise is shipped to the school.
  • Volunteers set up the shop in the school
  • Students walk through the shop, select gifts, and make the purchase
  • Dates: Most schools run 3 to 5 days, during November or December
touchless safe holiday gift shoppe

Touchless Shop: School Delivery

  • School holiday shop merchandise is shipped to the school.
  • Volunteers set up the shop in the school.
  • Students walk through the shop and enjoy a touchless preview of the gifts and/or preview the gifts online from the safety of their classrooms or home.
  • Students pick out gifts and record selections on an order form.
  • Students place order forms and money in the budget envelope.
  • Volunteers collect order forms and money.
  • Volunteers pack up individual orders and deliver them to classrooms.
  • Dates: Most schools run 3 to 5 days, during November or December
virtual school christmas shop

Virtual Shop: Home Delivery

  • Parent letter and/or email is sent to families
  • Families shop and pay for gifts online
  • Gifts are shipped directly to individual family homes
  • Dates: Shop runs during November. All orders must be received by Thanksgiving to guarantee Christmas delivery.

The Virtual Shop can be combined with a Traditional or Touchless Shop for schools that have both students in the classroom and students studying online from home.

Example: If you have 500 students in your school and 300 are in the classroom (even for a few days a week), we can send gifts for the 300 students to shop in a traditional or touchless shop. For the 200 students studying online from home, you email them the parent letter/email for them to be able to participate and select gifts from the virtual shop.

Holiday Shops for Schools That Work for All Schedules

holiday gift shoppe The safety of students, teachers, parents, volunteers, and more during this time is our top priority at the Kastle. So is making sure that schools can still run theirs in school holiday gift shoppe that the students and staff look forward to each year. We have put together a variety of holiday shops for schools so you can choose the option that works best for your staff and your schedule.

Parents who are working from home, working on location, or not working at this time will all have options for how they want to order and what price range they want to stay in. It has been our goal to create a school Christmas shop that is stress-free, easy to understand, and no-hassle — that starts with the delivery of the brochures all through to the final delivery of products and final payments. With a range of prices and a range of delivery and order options, there is a solution for everyone this holiday season to keep holiday shoppes thriving.

Benefits of Our School Holiday Shop Fundraiser

choosing a virtual holiday gift shoppe
We have put together three options for your school holiday shop fundraiser this year, including additional benefits to assist with a stress-free run. These benefits include waiving the cancellation fee if, for any reason, the holiday shoppe is unable to continue — we want the focus to be on a safe, fun, healthy fundraising option, and that includes flexibility in case of situations where the shoppe cannot run. We also are absorbing any credit card processing fee made on purchases, so parents and families can order without concern and additional budgetary woes.

Our products for the school holiday shop will still include our classics, including charms, jewelry, puzzles and games, plushies, kitchen gifts, sports items, ornaments, and more. Just because how we shop looks a little different this year does not mean you’re in school holiday gift shoppe will lack with gifts, cheer and fun.

Why PTAs Choose Us as their Elementary School Holiday Shop Company

benefits of a holiday school shopThe overall aim of our virtual holiday shoppe is for schools to keep a feeling of comfort and normalcy persistent even during uncertain times. We aim to alleviate the stress put on parents and teachers by compiling a way that students can shop with their families from the safety and comfort of their homes and still take part in holiday cheer.

Stress is at a minimum, and planning is drastically reduced when you select a virtual school Christmas shop or hybrid model for your school holiday gift shoppe this year from Kids Kastle. We have put together a complete team to handle packaging, shipping, labeling, and a trusted timetable to ensure deliveries arrive when they are needed.

With everything else going on this year, count on an online holiday shoppe you can put your faith behind and reduce the stress of the holiday season so you and students can focus on the cheer, on the gifting, and being with family and friends.

Set Up Your Virtual Holiday Gift Shop This November

holiday school gift shoppeWhen opting for an entirely virtual holiday gift shop, there are a few key things to keep in mind. School holiday shops best run in November, especially if schools opt to close between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. To ensure an on time Christmas delivery, all final orders will need to be placed by the Thanksgiving holiday. This will allow our additional elves (workers assisting with packing and shipping) to get everything delivered on time; if you need to accommodate Hanukkah orders, let us know so we can prepare accordingly.

Final profits to the school will range based on which virtual holiday shop fundraiser you opt for, with Traditional and Touchless Shoppes providing the highest profit. Our aim is to always do the best for the schools that we can, and at this time, we are working on putting safety, reliability, and health first for all of our workers and the volunteers and families at each school we assist.

There is a lot to think about, but we are happy to consult, discuss, and weigh the pros and cons for each option with consideration to your specific needs. Reach out, and let us show you how your holiday season can still thrive with our virtual holiday gift shoppes.