Why Host an In-School Holiday Gift Fair

When the festive season is about to begin, it reflects everywhere. Malls gear up for the holiday spirit with sales and decorations, while households teem with light, gifts, and extra joy. So, why should a school remain devoid of the holiday spirit?

Hosting an in-school holiday gift fair can be just the exercise children need to get into the holiday spirit. After all, that is where they spend a significant amount of time and also get their learnings from.

So, let’s find out all about hosting a holiday gift fair at school, working on good school Christmas shop ideas, and all else you need to know.

What Is An In-School Holiday Gift Fair?

An in-school holiday gift fair, also known as the school’s Santa shop, is a seasonal gift shop located within the school premises. It is run by teachers, parents, and volunteers, offering cost-effective gift items to purchase. Students usually look forward to buying school Santa shop gifts for their friends and family, and this shop guides them every step of the way.

Children usually visit the store under a teacher’s guidance during school hours with a list of people they plan to buy holiday gifts. Volunteers at the in-school holiday gift fair assist kids with the purchase of items, which kids then take home for their loved ones.

Why Host An In-School Holiday Gift Fair?

While it lasts only for a few weeks, an in-school holiday gift fair is remembered by children for a long time. Owing to the joy of the upcoming holidays, they look forward to the school fair to get the best gifts for their loved ones.

Moreover, who doesn’t like shopping during the holiday season? Here are some more benefits of hosting a fair with creative school Christmas shop ideas:

  • In-school shops offer kids a safe and practical space to buy gifts.
  • The fair helps children hone their organizational skills.
  • They learn about budgeting, the process of making a purchase, and how financial transactions work.
  • They use mathematical skills such as addition, subtraction, and getting the change.
  • They sharpen their emotional skills by learning the virtues of sharing, kindness, and spreading joy.

With that, let’s move on to creative school Santa shop gifts and other ideas.

School Christmas Shop Ideas

School Santa shop gifts

The gits should reflect the Christmas spirit. Postcards, posters, Christmas goodies, and toys are always a hit for an in-school holiday gift fair.

A great way to think about Christmas gifts is to categorize them relationship-wise.

  • The mother, aunt, and grandmas section can feature lockets, roses, bracelets, and books.
  • The dad, grandad, and uncle section can come with sports goodies such as balls, whistles, and trophies.
  • Other common gifts include photo frames, mugs, and stationery items with messages of love and joy printed on them.
  • Among brothers, sisters, and friends, gifts such as fancy lip-glosses and purses, racecars and fidget toys, as well as art and craft items are a big hit.
  • Creating a themed section, such as “Christmas greetings”, “Sports Booth”, or “Letters and postcards” may also work well for your in-school holiday gift fair.

As you set up this gift shop, don’t forget to squeeze in gifts for pets, teachers, and neighbors.

Appealing displays for gifts

All school Christmas shop ideas have one thing in common. Their displays are attractive and made especially for the eyes of children. Using L-shape and U-shape tables can leave enough room for kids to navigate their way around. For decoration, consider using confetti, balloons, Christmas posters, and stickers to grab the kids’ attention.

A special gift wrapping service

Unwrapping school Santa shop gifts is as much of a tradition as the gifting itself. By having a volunteer pack each gift in bright colors and neat packaging, you enhance the gift-shopping experience for the children.

Especially if they are buying gifts for their family, they would not be able to manage gift-wrapping by themselves after they come home from school.

kids holiday shop

Volunteers to make the experience Christmasy

As they say, the more, the merrier. Having volunteers handy is always a good idea for organizing a successful in-school holiday gift fair. You’ll need volunteers who can:

  • Attend to each table of gifts.
  • Help the children with budgeting from their lists.
  • Manage and monitor the room in general.
  • Help at the cash desk with transactions and queries.
  • Wrap up the gifts at the wrapping station.
school santa shop gifts

Organizing An In-School Holiday Gift Fair?

With our expertise in school Santa shop gifts, we are the right fit for all your school holiday fair needs. We bring a diverse range of gifts to pick from for the students.

Our team, who is exceptionally well at organizing and managing children, is also available for setting up a decorative gift shop, and offering other holiday gift shop assistance.

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