How to Use Social Media for Spring School Fundraising 2024

Springtime is coming our way and with it comes new Spring fundraisers for 2024 – Easter eggs, special treats, Smencils, pretzel snacks, and more. This time of year, we get a lot of PTA members, teachers, and even students asking how they can better improve their high school fundraising promotion.

One of the top ways to promote your school fundraiser this year is with social media. Social media for school fundraisers is fast, affordable, endless, and can get everyone involved in the event. Take a look at some of our top tips on how to use social media to promote your school fundraiser this Spring 2024.

How to Use Social Media for Spring School Fundraising 2024

11 Ways to Promote School Fundraisers with Social Media

Boost Your Spring School Fundraiser on Different Platforms

The first tip to using social media to promote your school fundraiser is to use different platforms. Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok all offer different avenues, audiences, and content creation.

To pick the right platforms, you want to consider who your audience is and how you plan on promoting your Spring school fundraiser. If you are selling primarily to the community or parents, Facebook and Instagram are very popular. 

For more commercial-focused goods that benefit local businesses, LinkedIn offers a good opportunity. If you’re trying to reach an audience beyond your local community, Twitter/X and TikTok offer viral opportunities and a larger audience.

Involve Students in the Marketing Creation

Content is best when it’s exciting and engaging and the best people to help with that are the students. Students who are involved in the fundraiser, marketing, tech, or art programs are a great source! And it helps them practice real-life marketing and content creation scenarios.

Reach out to other classes, grades, and student groups to get students involved. Offer tasks like writing ad slogans, sharing the media, creating videos, and more to engage everyone in the program. This also takes tasks away from the PTA and parents while giving students valuable experience and learning opportunities. 

Take Behind the Scenes Videos

If you need content ideas, behind-the-scenes videos are always a huge success in promoting school fundraisers on social media. Behind-the-scenes videos are personable, easy to make, and make the audience feel a part of the action.

Whether it’s unpacking the products, showing set-up for the fundraiser event, taking videos of the planning process, or something else entirely, get people in on the action with behind-the-scenes sneak peeks.

Share Photos of the Products

The best way to promote what you’re selling is to show what you’re selling. Share photos of the products or events you’re hosting as part of the Spring school fundraiser. This could be photos supplied by your school fundraising company or photos you and the students take yourselves.

Be sure to highlight the key aspects that everyone wants from your fundraiser. Focus on the details of sweet treats, the fun of an in-person event, or the solution a product can solve. Get creative, have fun, and keep it simple. 

Remind Everyone Where the Money is Going

People want to be connected to a cause, and social media allows you to boost your cause with ease. Remind people where the money is going from your Spring school fundraiser. This can be done via photos, videos, links, or any other promotional materials.

At the end of the day, remind people why they’re getting involved and how their money makes a difference. The better people feel, the more involved they want to be. 

Feature Your Top Donations and Contributors

As you start taking donations, feature your top contributors weekly or monthly. It’s important to give a big thanks to everyone who gets involved and the best way to do this is through mutual promotion on social media.

Take photos with top donors and ask them to share their contributions online. Tell a little story about their involvement, give a big thanks, and remind everyone they still have time to get involved. The more you feature those who help your school fundraiser, the more the community grows and expands. 

Link to an Online Donation Shop

Part of social media for school fundraising is to make it easy. Work with your school or fundraising group to create an online shop for easy donations so people can make a contribution directly from their smartphone or computer.

If you can’t set up an online donation link, make it really easy to tell people how to get involved. School media for school fundraising promotion is all about convenience, so make it easy for people to find you and get involved. 

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Have a Branded Hashtag

School fundraisers do best when people know more about them and one of the easiest ways to do that online is to have a branded hashtag for the event. Hashtags on social media help people show their support and spread awareness with ease.

Create a hashtag that is catchy, easy, and sums up what your school is doing. It makes it fun, easy to find, and helps spread the word to get people engaged with the movement and the cause. 

Partner with the Community

If you have partners in your school fundraiser, like a local restaurant or business, tag them online and ask them to share your fundraiser on their social media, too.

Social media lets you reach a wide range of users when used correctly. Use your community and school fundraising partners to tag those who are involved. This will show your school fundraiser to their followers and help broaden your reach without having to do so in person through other advertisement means. 

Go Live

Social media promotion allows you to go live and this is a fun chance to connect even more with your community and followers. Go live during the set up, when planning, or as the fundraiser is happening. Show the fun, the hard work, and everyone who is involved.

Going live online also helps you answer questions, explain more about how to get involved, and feels personable to all who follow you. Even one go live on social media can help connect you to more parents, teachers, and community partners who want to be involved. 

Show Positivity from the Students and Faculty

Remember, social media should be an extension your school fundraising efforts, so make it fun and show the support you’re gaining from the school and from the students. You want it to be fun, autnethic, and easy.

Don’t overthink it, don’t get too fancy – just embrace the theme, let the cause speak for its self, and make it easy for everyone to get involved. 

Fast Tips to Promote Your Spring School Fundraiser on Social Media

  • Post daily
  • Involve the students
  • Be thankful
  • Make donations easy
  • Remind people to share
  • Respond to comments
  • Answer messages

Get Started on Your 2024 Spring School Fundraiser Today

Fundraising season is an exciting time of year at any school, for any grade level. The money helps with dances, technology, arts programs, sports, school resources, and more. You want to share that excitement with others and social media is the perfect way to do so.

Using our 11 easy tips to share your school fundraiser on social media, it should make promoting your school fundraiser a breeze this year. For more tips, check out 10 more ways to market a school fundraiser and 12 new high school fundraising ideas.

If you’re ready to get your fundraiser started, contact Kids Kastle in New Jersey for our 2024 Spring fundraiser catalog.