Top 10 Tips to Make Promoting Your Easy School Fundraisers Simple & Successful

how to make promoting your school fundraiser easier

Good fundraising ideas for schools aren’t hard to come by, it’s the challenge of promotion that can take some time and planning: getting a community involved and gaining their support for a successful fundraiser from start to finish.

There are a few aspects of your fundraiser that can help you decide on the best route for promotion, such as taking into consideration if you’re having a food or non-food fundraiser, or hosting an elementary or high school fundraising event.

Your easy school fundraisers, like holiday candles or classic catalogs, don’t need too much of a promotion. But if you’re thinking outside the box for high school fundraising ideas or school holiday shop ideas and using a color-a-thon, or if you’re counting on a non-food fundraiser, you may need to get a little creative with how you promote your ideas or event.

We’ve put together some of the best ways to get your fundraising ideas noticed, so your good fundraising for school are great fundraising ideas for school with successful, positive conclusions.

Get the Message Out About Your Good Fundraising Ideas for Schools

If you want your idea to do anything it will require getting your message out to the people you believe will be the most influential, and getting the news out to them first. These people will be the people who influence their friends, the other parents, and the rest of the community to get involved, because they’ll be passionate about the elementary or high school fundraising.

Some of the easy school fundraisers can be promoted instantly, but other good fundraising ideas for schools tend to take more time to prep and let people know what is coming.

Keep a Limit on the Number of Grade and High School Fundraisers That are Live

This is recommended no matter what type of fundraising ideas you are hosting, as too many fundraisers at once will overburden both the staff and volunteers, and the people you are selling to, like parents and community members.

High school fundraising can suffer in a big way from trying to run too many fundraisers at once because it can overwhelm students and parents as they attempt to fit different activities into their already busy schedules. Remember, fundraisers should fit naturally into social, educational, and work environments for all involved.

Encourage People to Think of Items Sold in Non-Food Fundraisers as Gifts

In the case of non-food fundraisers, many people might balk at the idea of buying too many objects, or they may think just buying one item won’t be enough, and so they’ll refrain from buying anything at all.

By promoting non-food items as gifts for birthdays, holidays, celebrations, and more, it’s possible to convince people that not only is the non-food fundraiser for a good cause, but it’s a clever gift idea as well that will be one less thing they need to shop for.

Make the Easy School Fundraisers a Little More Personalized

Good fundraising ideas for a school can effectively involve the community and bring people together. Putting a personal touch on a fundraiser, such as gaining a local sponsor or making it clear what the funds are going to, will make people feel more invested and more likely to participate. When people feel connected to a cause, they are more enthusiastic to be involved.

Diversify Between Food and Non-Food Fundraisers

If you are used to selling candy bars or promoting frozen food items for your high school fundraising, it’s time to mix it up! Non-food fundraisers can be fantastic fundraising ideas for schools, and offer the opportunity to explore events, gifts, raffles, and more. Use your resources to think outside the box and see what other non-food fundraisers you can dream up.

Good Fundraising Ideas for School Will Take Advantage of Different Seasons

The time of year your fundraising runs can be especially pertinent when considering what kind of goods your fundraiser will be selling, be it food or non-food fundraisers. Certain items are more popular according to different seasons, especially when it comes to food items that are considered seasonal and non-food items that can be given as gifts.

Use all the seasons so your fundraisers can also coincide with other events in order to take advantage of the community’s goodwill and willingness to contribute to a good cause. The more seasons you fundraise in, the better off your school will be!

Creative Ideas Can Create Opportunities for Easy School Fundraisers

The more creative your idea is the more enticing it might be to your community. Many people are simply willing to give to a good cause in order to help those in their community, but there are those that want to know that they’ll get a little something for their donation. Coming up with creative ways to promote your fundraiser can go a long way towards satisfying those that are willing to donate to your cause, as it gives them something new and unexpected that excites them.

Parent Involvement in High School Fundraising is a Bonus

Parent involvement at any level is important, but when it comes to high school fundraising, often the students are expected to self-start and find ways to earn money for their schools without parent support.

Gaining the support of more parent volunteers makes it obvious that the community is able to stand together and work towards the common good of the youth, even as the youth are expected to follow the example of their community leaders by helping to plan and operate their own fundraisers. Plus, parents can provide more resources and more areas to advertise than students alone. Use a combination of student-led fundraising and parent support in your high school fundraising.

Keep Your Fundraising Ideas Versatile and Consider Your Sales Territory

Coming up with fundraising ideas can be difficult from time to time, but there are plenty of sites that can offer up different methods and techniques when it comes to fundraising. Sometimes running the same fundraiser a year or two in a row can work, but keeping things versatile is often preferable since this will offer the community a bit of variety. It’s also important to think about your sales territory and to adjust as needed. Don’t forget that communities can change and spreading out to other areas could help increase awareness and possibly gain added funding. Always keep your base plan, but don’t be afraid to explore new avenues!

Many Good Fundraising Ideas for School Focus on Getting the Kids Involved First

More often than not, fundraisers are held for the benefit of a school, and the kids that attend the school. This means that involving the children should be one of the primary ideas when it comes to any fundraiser. Get them excited in some way by telling the kids what the money will go for, how it will benefit them, and why it’s important that they help to make it happen. When the kids are involved and a part of the process, the community is more likely to support their children to add to their excitement and success.

Wrapping Up

Good fundraising ideas for schools don’t have to be super-complicated or even grandiose in nature, like a bake sale, selling candy bars or poinsettia’s, or even having a raffle that community members can take part in. Many businesses throughout a community will want to help in some way, and volunteers are rarely hard to find when it comes to helping out a local school or charity. Do your research when planning out your fundraiser, and remember the most important part of all, have fun with it. When you are excited, your volunteers will be excited, and promotion will happen naturally.